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Moriam Yarrow


Moriam Yarrow, a Nigerian-American born in Chicago and raised in the south suburbs, is the co-founder of The Yarrow And Osafo Scholarship Foundation. With a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Master's in Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, she aims to be a representative for the underrepresented and drive change to enhance access and quality of care for underserved communities.
Moriam's passion for improving education and healthcare stems from her belief that increasing educational attainment can positively impact African Americans' health outcomes and life expectancy. Recognizing the challenges faced by her peers in navigating secondary institutions, especially African American students, she co-founded the YO Scholarship Foundation to address the systemic barriers in education and promote holistic approaches to better educational attainment.
From a young age, Moriam has been an advocate for representation. She organized the first-ever Origins fair for Black History Month at her high school, Hillcrest, to foster learning and celebration of African American history. Throughout her academic journey, she served as the President of the African Student Council and an executive board member of the Black Student Union, where she established scholarships, safe spaces, events, and coordinated volunteer opportunities. Additionally, Moriam engaged in roundtable discussions with the Lieutenant Governor to improve enrollment and retention of black and brown students at the university. As a CHANCE ambassador, she mentored high school and university students, assisting them in transitioning to higher education while actively participating in community volunteering activities.
Moriam's experiences have motivated her to advocate for underrepresented students and emphasize the importance of mentorship, scholarships, and community engagement in fostering well-rounded individuals. As the President and CEO, she plans to leverage her leadership role, skills, and network to develop programs and resources for African American students in need. Her education and volunteering background will propel the YO Scholarship Foundation's mission towards uncharted territories, improving the lives of future generations.


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