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Make a Mask Marathon

Covid-19 is a virus that has taken the lives of many across the globe. It is a virus that can spread from person to person through respiratory droplets or touching an infected object and then touching body orifices. The virus can cause a range of symptoms similar to the cold and flu but can leave victims in excruciating pain. Over 2 million Americans and counting have been infected by the virus, and sadly over 130,000 lives have been lost. This pandemic highlights the social and health inequalities that have devastated the United States. Unfortunately, Black and Hispanic communities have been disproportionately affected by the virus. Therefore, it has become extremely important for people to start protecting themselves. Masks and social distancing became the new defense to flattening the curve.


Resources such as masks and daily necessities became scarce or prices increased due to supply and demand. The Make A Mask Marathon was created to assist Black and Hispanic communities as they are dying at higher rates by the COVID19 Pandemic. During this time the YO Scholarship Foundation collected handmade reusable face masks to donate to organizations all around the Chicago land area and one organization out of state.


With one of our core values being community engagement, we wanted to continue to tackle this pandemic head on by setting a goal to collect and make 2,000 masks. We were proud to collect 2,233 masks, surpassing our goal of 2,000! The masks were dispersed to various Chicago Organizations including the Lincoln Park Community Services, Don Nash Community Center, Franciscan Outreach, and many more! 


We continue our efforts partnering with After School Matters, helping high school students learn how to sew masks for donation.  With another one of our core values being mentorship, we are thrilled to participate in their small group sessions for personalized instruction and engage in dialogue with the students.


We are glad to do our part in supporting our community and students!

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