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Pen Pal Mentorship Program


The purpose of the Pen Pal Mentorship program is to provide students with both face-to-face and virtual academic support as well as professional and personal development. The YO Scholarship Foundation Pen Pal Project provides interactive workshops and mentorship opportunities to increase awareness of Post Graduate Options. This program will also integrate cultural enrichment and civic engagement opportunities for participants to learn more about “Real-World Settings.” This program is tailored to provide students with a strong understanding of the college and vocational readiness process, increase knowledge on how to fund post-graduation options, learn how to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and introduce successful habits to acquire life skills. Students who participate will have access to a group of qualified mentors representing the race, career interest, and backgrounds of participating mentees. 

Target Population & Requirements

The target population is African American high school students. Priority is given to students that are current Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors that are not in AP and Honors courses. However, all students are welcome to participate depending on mentor availability.


All in all, our Board of Directors recognizes the immense potential within African American students and are dedicated to the upliftment of their opportunities as future leaders of “this nation.” Our goal is to proliferate this wisdom so that students can see higher education as a gateway to success rather than a daunting and almost impossible journey. 

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