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Here at YO Scholarship Foundation, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. We're working to improve education  by providing African American students internship opportunities from Foundation administration, providing scholarship opportunities, and encouraging the importance of community engagement.  Our mission is to improve the educational gap amongst students with the help of community members like ourselves. With continuous contributions and support, YO Scholarship Foundation & and the Students we support continue to thrive. Just imagine what we can achieve together!


The Yarrow and Osafo Scholarship was founded in June 2018 by Moriam Yarrow and Elise Osafo, after an initial investment in PRGRSSN, a brand geared towards giving back to the community. With their return on investment, we decided to follow PRGRSSN’s mission and give away a portion of their money in the form of a scholarship, then later creating, YO Scholarship Foundation. The creation of the organization was based on the differing backgrounds of the cofounders, and using their experience to cultivate a holistic approach to improve the educational system. On April 24, 2020, YO became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The organization hopes to improve the lives of African American students and their communities through Internship, Scholarship, and volunteerism.

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